The "Humans" of Truth Coffee - Jose Vilandy

Welcome to the blog series : The "Humans" of Truth Coffee.

We have exceptional members on our team that you should know about. This week we meet Jose Vilandy “HUMAN” EXTRAORDINAIRE!


“Human” : Introduce yourself to us and tell us what you do at Truth Coffee / how long have you been working there?

Jose : “My name is Jose, surname Vilandy, I come from Angola and I am one of the South African National barista champions. I have been with Truth for 15 years and I am a brand Ambassador focused on quality of the product and client relations, to get the end cup to be as extraordinary as possible.”


“Human” : What is your favourite thing about working at Truth - why truth?

Jose  : “My team, the people - they are all fabulous. They make me get up and excited to go work, mingle, create and initiate. 


“Human” :What is your current favourite coffee and how are you making it?

Jose : “The french press with Black Honey. Simple, easy, quick fix in the morning before a run or gym session. Funny enough,the only person I share it with is my daughter, she is still so young but she always asks me for a taste.”


“Human” :Most memorable coffee moment

Jose : “Wow, I have so many. I think most definitely winning the (national barista) championship, it meant a lot, because I never thought I would be able to be number 1 in the country. That was a wow moment to make me realise, I can take this coffee journey further, so I decided to make it my career.”


“Human” :Who do you look up to in the coffee industry and why?

Jose : “David Donde, a friend and colleague. The thing I enjoy the most working with him is learning with him. He enjoys breaking things apart to figure out how it works and learns how to make it better. He is a guy that just likes to go beyond borders, take risks and is always asking why, doing, trying and learning new things.”


“Human” :Who are you when you aren't at work? Tell us more about your life, hobbies and your favourite movie of all Time!

Jose : Chuckles. “Wow, that's a lot. Okay let me summarise. I am a mentor, speaker, entrepreneur, musician, sportsman and family man. I love playing rugby with my son. Recently, I became captivated with Cryptocurrency and I am growing in that direction as well. My favourite movie… hmm, I have seen so many because I love watching movies. I guess it would have to be TROY. The story behind the story, its complex layers of stories within a story.”


“Human” :What is your go-to coffee when you walk into the cafe at Truth?

Jose : “Rwanda Long Black or Black Honey batch brew”


“Human” :What is inspiring you in life right now?

Jose : “With these times during the COVID pandemic, I just keep hope. The idea that it will turn around and get better agian gives me hope, helping others, watching people grow adapt in these uncertain times.”


“Human” :Describe yourself in a #

Jose  : “haha, that's a cool question… hmm. #extraordinary”


“Human” :Super power?

Jose  : “The ability to bring Peace to any situation”


“Human” :What would you like to be remembered for?

Jose : “Down to earth, humble, great leader and mentor who wants others to grow.”

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