Bored in the Boardroom?

It's not often that we coffee geeks make the making of coffee easier. Sometimes it seems as if all want to do is add layers of complication.

We asked ourselves, can people who are busy be arsed with all of that? No? The same conclusion we came to.

What are the options? Pods?

Yes. But.

But.. but expensive, but eco, you know, like the planet and stuff...

So we thought automatic machines, you know those ones with the grinder, you push the button and coffee comes out in front in the middle. 

Yes. But. 

That never tastes amazing right?

Well... what if, let's try, what about if we choose these beans, and roast like this? dissolved solubility, then we got all complicated. 

And then

And then aha, this 


and then:



and if you have an office: 

we can even do rentals

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Go ahead, push one of those buttons, and we'll give you better buttons to push.