Abid Clever Dripper

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Simple, quick, gorgeous filter coffee with no fuss and instant cleaning.


Affordable, easy to use and you can control brew contact time. Too little contact between water and ground coffee will produce dull watery under extraction and too long will produce a bitter mud.

Abid Clever Dripper solves the problem by allowing you to accurately decide when to stop brewing.

As simple as:

Put the Clever Dripper on the counter,

Insert a filter paper,

Put in just under 20g of coffee.

Fill with 250ml of just off boiling water (95°C is perfect). set a timer to 3 minutes or tap your fingers in a suitably irritating drumming fashion on the table…

Then place in a cup to allow the coffee to flow out automatically.

To wash up, tip paper and coffee into the garbage, rinse with water. Done.

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