Fellow Prismo Espresso Filter For Aeropress

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Prismo is designed to be used with the AeroPress® Coffee Maker. The pressure actuated valve allows for a buildup of pressure to create espresso-style coffee, which also features a no drip seal. The etched filter eliminates the need for paper filters. The valve’s small aperture also fits directly over an espresso shot glass.


  • Compatible only with the AeroPress® Coffee Maker
  • Body material – Polypropylene
  • Valve material – Silicone
  • Reusable 70 micron etched fine stainless steel filter
  • Integrated gasket – prevents your brew from leaking over the sides
  • 2.75″ diameter, 1″ tall


Making your first Prismo shot

Coffee: Use the freshest coffee you can find. A espresso blend or darkly roasted coffee when pulling a shot.

Grind: Grind your coffee as fine as you would for espresso better are produced with Burr grinders. If your coffee is pre-ground, it will be harder to pull a good shot with Prismo.

Temperature: Use boiling water (212°F) when pulling Prismo shots. Very little water is used (50mL) and a lot of temperature is lost to the AeroPress® Coffee Maker, the coffee, and Prismo itself. Using water that’s even a little under boiling, such as 200°F or so, can really throw off the recipe and produce a sour shot.

Stirring: Prismo produces more pressure than a standard AeroPress® Coffee Maker, but less pressure than a real espresso machine. This can be compensated for by stirring the coffee a lot. Stirring increases extraction and helps develop the thick syrupy body that tastes great in a shot.

Press Out: The best results have been produced by pressing very hard on the AeroPress® Coffee Maker plunger to initiate the shot, then keeping constant pressure until the plunger squeezes all the way down to the coffee bed. Pressing slowly when pulling a shot can allow fines to get through the filter and sometimes creates a grainy texture.