DHPO Stainless Steel Moka Pot 300ml

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The Moka Pot is an easy and quick way to brew a full-bodied cup of coffee that is rich in aroma. This particular method of coffee brewing produces an intensely-flavored brew with exceptional body and richness reminiscent of espresso.

The main difference between stainless steel and aluminum is that stainless steel moka pots work on any type of stovetop, including induction, gas and electric stoves. Aluminum tends to lose heat fairly quick, whereas stainless steel retains its heat for a longer period of time.

Stainless steel espresso makers are higher quality, meaning the pot lasts a lot longer than other aluminium options.

Size: 300ml

Spec: 304 SLS stainless steel with wooden handle

Care Instructions

  • Wash in warm soapy water as soon as possible after use.
  • Dry thoroughly after cleaning with clean dry cloth.
  • Never leave dirty stainless steel to soak.
  • Do not use "rinse and hold" dishwasher cycles on stainless steel.