DHPO 30g Manual Grinder

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The DHPO coffee grinder comes with the best conical burrs that allow for course and fine grind settings. Suitable grinding for all brewing methods.


  • 30g aluminium manual grinder 
  • Foldable handle
  • 7 axis SUS 420 conical burr

Precision grind. The level of precision that you can reach with some of the manual burr grinders on the market today is top draw and rivals even some of the best commercial coffee grinders on the market. 

Compact size. Believing in sense and simplicity, this grinder is compact and light enough to carry while traveling. This grinder comes with a foldable handle so could save space when we don’t use it.

Scratch-resistant shell. This modern coffee grinder is mainly made of scratch-resistant aluminum alloy making it resilient yet sleek and elegant.