El Salvador Comasagua

Exclusivity. Everyone is looking for something different. But we're not here to sell you endangered coffee that was passed through the colon of a vegan civet before being picked and hand-roasted by a tattooed man with an avocado addiction. 

Our goal is simple. Find great farmers with great beans, roast that bean with the utmost respect to optimise its flavours to their greatest potential. 

 Without any further ado allow me to introduce our Barista's Choice for the week: El Salvador Comasagua. Available for a limited time, exclusive to our cafe , we will also be selling just 15 bags in our retail section for you to make at home.


Country :

El Salvador

Region / Area :​ ​


Producer :​

Single Estate : Urrutia Family

Actual Farm Size :

50 hectares. Native trees are planted every year and to prevent erosion. The main trees use are the izote and the copalchi which also act as a natural wind barrier.

Soil :​

Volcanic Soil Shade :​ ​100% Shade Grown

Altitude (m) ​: ​


Quality :

San Ernesto High Grown

Flowering Period :

Apr - May

Harvest Period :​

Nov - Feb. Cherries are picked in the morning, processed in the afternoon

Process :​

Red Honey Process

Drying Process :

Dried on patios & Guardiola dryers

Certification :​

Rainforest Alliance. Fertilization of the plants with organic matter is done regularly and chemically just twice a year, especially for micro-nutrients.

Varieties : ​

Bourbon, Pacas

Plant Life​ :

Average 20 years

Taste Profile :

Juicy body, refined acidity, maple syrup, orange and almonds flavours

Best as :

Chemex & Espresso based drinks