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The Weapon of Mass Destruction (WMD) blend has been specifically engineered to present the Joy of the Extraordinary through fully automatic, bean-to-cup coffee machines, delivering a delicious and potent cup conveniently and cost-effectively. We like to call it bang for your buck. Quality and flavour are hallmarks of all our coffees; the challenge is to channel both through specialised, fully automatic espresso machines, which are hampered by their on-board grinding and extraction processes.

The solution: We have sourced softer green beans, developed a unique blend (40% India Arabica Monsoon Malabar; 15% India Robusta; 45% El Salvador Arabica Red Honey Process) and activated a special process that makes the roast denser and more brittle after roasting. The various processes and coffee varieties at play here are important contributors. Under the Monsoon Malabar process, harvested seeds are exposed to monsoon rain and winds, causing the beans to swell and lose acidity. An Exceptional India Robusta (yes really) brings great body along with low acidity and grinds easily, being a softer bean. Red Honey beans, likewise, have a softer exterior surface and shine a beautiful sweetness through after processing

For Wholesale / Corporate pricing contact the one of our sales hero's here